Retreat: Soul Pathworking and Discovering Your Soul Contract

Big & Transformative Questions:

  1. What if life is not a problem to be solved, but is a mystery to be lived?
  2. If everything in the Universe operates according to Universal Law & Principles, and you are given conscious access to interact directly with those principles, would it not follow that you came with the potential and purpose to direct your own conscious evolution?
  3. If that’s true, how important is it for you to be aware of the soul agreement or contract you made before embarking on this life? Are you living that contract or agreement? Or have you been distracted by what everyone else told you about life and forgotten your own unique purpose?

Our Retreat This Time is To Discover:

  1. What is your Soul attached to and what needs to be let go.
  2. To discover your own unique path of Soul’s destiny.
  3. To discover our true nature. We have the imperative to live life accordance to our Soul Nature.
  4. To discover major theme, progression, conflicts and resolution that you have gained through your birthright, time and space of your theme of creation.
  5. To attune back your Ego to live your Soul’s storyline or personal myth as CG Jung called it.
  6. To discover of your Soul Mates along the way of your Soul’s story line.
  7. Healing of your wounded Soul, working through some initial conditioning, progression and conflicts that you experienced in your life.
  8. Re-orienting your life into your Soul Nature and Calling.

This Retreat is Going To be Held at Svargaloka, Ubud, Bali between 16 – 19 February 2023

This Retreat is lead and directed by Yusa Aziz, M.MSc, PG Dipl Jungian Studies, Dipl M. PsyD, Reichian Character Analyst (Adv), seorang Psyche Soma Transpersonal Analyst, yang juga mendalami Archetypal Pattern Analysis, Archetypal Astrologer dan Human Design Specialist & Analyst.

Coach Yusa will help you in discovering and getting in touch back into your Soul, its calling, destiny, and attachment. He will be working with you, and using Dream work, Archetypal Pattern Analysis, Astrology chart and Human Design Natal Chart, and some inspiring and longing Soul Music, Meditation & Prayer during this retreat.

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