Apa Reich’s Character Defences Style?

Wilhelm Reich, the founding father of somatic psychotherapy found facade and false characters that is sabotaging your true potentials and rights to deserve happier, better, free-ier, and more abundance living.

Wilhelm Reich categorizes human into five characters or facades or false personalities:
❇️ Ocular Character (also called Schizophrenic),
❇️ Oral,
❇️ Anal (Compulsive & Masochistic),
❇️ Phallic (also called Phallic Narcissistic), and
❇️ Genital Character.

Do you want to know your Defensive Character that has been blocking your freedom, happiness & abundance?

And how to overcome the armor for a content, meaningful, free, happiness and abundance living?

Find out more in 1-hour consultation with Reich’s Character Analyst, Yusa Aziz.

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