Yusa Aziz

Hi, I am Yusa Aziz, a Psyche & Soma Practitioner who is Intensively-trained in Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit Modalities.

I have been practicing privately for 17 years in guiding and transforming Individuals, Couples, Business Leaders/Owners, Executives & Families transforming their lives into Abundance, Growth, Fulfilment, Balance and Whole in all aspects of their well-being.

I am intensively trained in Transpersonal Counseling, Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy, Reich’s Somatic Psychotherapy, Bioenergetics Alexander Lowen, Astrology and Human Design.

My formal education background is in Bachelor & Master Degree in Transpersonal Counselling/Spiritual Psychology – USA, Certified Life Coach – Canada, Certified Business Coach – USA, Post Graduate Diploma In Jungian Studies – UK, CPD Basic Introduction/Foundation of Jungian Analytical Psychology – USA, Diploma In Jungian Psychology – UK, CPD Certificate in Practical & Applied Psychosynthesis – UK, CPD Certificate – Intro Level in Reich’s Orgonomy Character Analysis – USA, and personally mentored in Bioenergetics by Frederic Lowen, a son of Alexander Lowen MD – the founder of Bioenergetic Institute-New York, USA, Winter Intensive Training of Jungian Psychology at CG Jung Institute – Zurich, CPD Jungian & Post Jungian Clinical Concept – South Africa, CPD Jungian Mystery School – South Africa, Diploma in Astrology – UK.

I also gain competency in Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – USA & Clinical Hypnotherapy – USA.

Currently I am pursuing a doctoral dissertation in Spiritual/Transpersonal Counseling (USA). And I am on my way to earn my Diploma in Psychoanalysis with International Society Applied Psychoanalysis (ISAP-France), and CPD Intermediate Level in Orgonomy Reich’s Character Analysis & Masterson’s DOS Diagnosis – USA.

Prior to psychotherapy, I was also formally trained in Business with qualification of Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (USA) & Lean Six Sigma and worked in American Multinational Corporation for 16 years.

I am providing guidance, counselling, & therapy in private personal 1-1 exclusive setting and group setting. From time to time, I also conduct workshop and seminar.

I am also a lecturer and instructor of Kiron Movement, a Psyche & Soma Integrative Studies Movement which I had established since 2016. This movement is intended to train and mentor YOU who has passion and dedication in helping other people in achieving their purpose in life.

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