About Us

Our founders came from different backgrounds and professions, but each of us is a mother or a father, a wife or a husband, and also a daughter or a boy, with his or her own little family. We had our own challenges during childhood and we also have setbacks in our lives. We feel frustrasted, angry, and sad. Some times we feel scared, hopeless and lonely. And we also cry.

Then each of us has gone on counseling & coaching to process and transform ourselves by embracing our past and emotions. Our hearts feel lighter. We feel more hopeful and have more courage in navigating our lives. And it was our turning point. Our hearts call us to help and guide others to process and transform themselves. We became counselors & coaches. And here we are now as MBS Transformare.

When our clients finally were able to express their repressed emotions… with their teary eyes, some times with tears flowing down their cheeks. And when they said that they felt better and relieved… Wow, those moments are so priceless to us. We feel glad we do what we do, and it feels very meaningful to us that we can help others.

Our Vision

Empower Mind-Body-Soul Transformation for “freedom and abundance living”.

Our Mission

Raise awareness and educate people through seminar, workshop, and training.

Facilitate and assist people to find their Self using therapy and inner work.

Share knowledge and personal experience to influence and motivate others to transform.

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